Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rising housing costs squeezing savings

Before Megan Barnes started shopping for a condominium, she made sure she drew up a budget of what she could afford.

She eliminated buying a place downtown, and instead opted for Richmond Hill where she could get a larger place for the same price. She also tried to keep her emotions in check, staying away from a property that she really liked because it ended up in a bidding war.

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Gary Dutton

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  1. I truly not understand how so many people are in debit. By what I saw around me, I can say that people are NOT RESPONSIBLE anymore. They don't have any common sense. YOU need to CALCULATE what you can SPEND, like before when people were responsible. Right ? It's what I done all my life, not to be a burden on the community. And my kids are like me. Dominique Cauvin